Darika answers your questions about coming out....

Dear Darika,

Please help me because I am very unhappy and nobody I can talk to about this. I am a university student, age 20. Because I am poor I must share the room with three other students. They do not know I am gay. They talk about sex with they girlfriends all the time. I told them I have a girlfriend in my village and this is a lie. We are all from Samut Prakan. On Songkran we will all go stay with our families and they want to meet my girlfriend? What shall I do? Also, I am in love with one of the other boys in my room. I think about him all the time. When we sleep he is so close to me I can touch him. I want to hold him and kiss him and make love to him. How can I make him love me? - Aud

Khun Aud,

Recently it has been suggested that Darika writes long, complicated answers to letters. (My boyfriend tells me "if you have meat you do not need soup.") So here is Darika's short answer: Move out now. There will never be a happy ending to your story.

And here is Darika's long answer to your complex situation: Move out now. There will never be a happy ending to your story. If you go home for Songkran and produce a fake girlfriend you will turn your small lie into an endless cycle of lies that will only hurt you. Also, I seriously doubt that the young man who sleeps next to you will enjoy your touching or kisses. He might even harm you. There is no way to make anyone love you. However, if you respect yourself you will find another place to live where you will not have so much pressure and where you can outgrow your adolescent drama. If you can't find a place to grow up, Pa Darika has room on her sofa along with a big box of tissues.