A Brief Glossary of "Tinglish" and other unfamiliar words

Many of Darika's letters are written by Thai- speaking readers and some of the words, phrases, and slang might not make sense to anyone who has not spent a lot of time in Thailand. Darika hopes the definitions below will be helpful.

Beautiful Boxer.  a Thai film about a champion male kick boxer who becomes a woman. (A true story!)

butterfly.   someone who is promiscuous or a flirt (they fly from flower to flower)

Big C.  a chain of large discount stores in Thailand

Chatuchak.  Bangkok's famed "Weekend Market"

dee.  a feminine lesbian; "pretty"

faad Siam.  Siamese twins

farang.   A caucasian foreigner. It is somewhat pejorative, but everyone uses it, like the "n" word in the 19th century.

gay.  the submissive participant in male same-sex intimacy ("bottom")

gig.  a no-strings-attached sexual relationship

helicopter.  a gigantic butterfly (see above)

khun.  a title or salutation that shows respect.

klong.  a canal

MBK.  a shopping mall in Bangkok that is popular with people under thirty (and especially a second-floor mens room)

make merit.  to feel OK about all the terrible things you did last week by giving a monk an orange plastic bucket, a can of tuna and some soap

man.  the dominant participant in male same-sex intimacy ("top")

mobile.  cellular telephone

pa.  auntie

sanook.  fun or to have fun

smoke.  (v.) to perform an oral-genital service ("give a blowjob")

soi.  side street

Songkran.  a long holiday period in Thailand when it is not safe to go outdoors unless you put your mobile inside a condom or a plastic bsg becauses everyone gets drunk and stays soaking wet for days and there is mass slaighter on the highways

study English.  to use the money you send me every month so I can afford to hang around bars every night to find gentlemen who pay better than you do

super.  supermarket

take you off.  to "rent" you for the evening

Thai Rath.  a tabloid newspaper published in Bangkok that often publishes bloody murder scenes on its front page

tom.  a masculine lesbian

top.  one who assumes the male or active role during sexual intercourse. The opposite would, of couse, be "bottom."

three-beer rule.  The average number of beers required for a gay man to get into the pantes of a "straight" man, although this often turns out to b a one-and-a-half beer rule

upcountry.  practically anywhere rural, regardless of what direction it is in. Commonly means "home town" unless it is a major city.

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